Digital tools have the potential to change the way we approach healthcare at the individual and population levels. How would you use digital products or tools to solve a current problem in oncology care?

About the Challenge

Participants will identify concrete method(s) to combine current technology with oncology to create an innovative product designed to improve physicians’ clinical practice and/or patient outcomes.

The challenge is open to individuals in the healthcare field, including academic and community oncologists, managed care specialists, pharmacists, and allied health professionals, who wish to fulfill unmet medical needs using current, or future, technology.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to our Innovative Technology in Cancer Care Challenge and to those who voted. Open voting has now closed – but stay tuned!
At OncLive®, it is our mission to educate today’s oncology healthcare professionals with pertinent information and resources that best help them to improve patient outcomes. Through print, digital, video, and live event channels, we have been collaborating and educating the oncology community for over 20 years now. At this time, in an effort to deliver nothing but the very best experience for our readers and faculty, we have taken a step back in an effort to realign the OncLive® Global Expo. While the event will not be happening in 2019, challenge finalists will still be invited to present their ideas to a panel of judges, details to follow shortly.

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